Perfect Hair Day with Living Proof

This is a shoot we did awhile ago at Guggenheim Productions. But like so many other things, life got in the way and I never got around to posting it. But here it is. My daughter is in it for one second, which in her mind makes her a star. Her "mom" model is Amy Olson-Weller, one of the loveliest people to work with. And their shared trait is their bright personalities and long page boy bangs. 

I've never done much to my hair but sometimes on the set I listen and learn different techniques and products and am always curious if they actually work. I can't use dry shampoo but for those who do, this is considered one of the best. 

Behind the Scenes with GQ & Vogue

This was a fun shoot I just did with Guggenheim Productions in New York City, working behind the scenes with GQ magazine and Uniqlo for Vogue TV. Stylists Brett Fahlgren and Cara Crowley showed us how to dress and accessorize for spring. I prettied everyone up!

photo 4

Images and tips from the day: Brett is GQ's stylist who introduced the male looks from Uniqlo. This boyishly handsome male model is Lorenzo Vargas, who has perfect skin. A little Laura Mercier concealer to brighten his eye area, Fashion Fair pressed powder to take down the shine and Lorac Bronzer to add some warmth and contour. 


Gorgeous Marina Theiss is originally from Brazil. Here she is with Amanda Beczner doing her lovely long locks. (Amanda and I are both petite so Marina towers over both of us.)

Marina Theiss

Marina Theiss

For Marina's fresh makeup look, I used:

Chanticaille Compact cream makeup on areas as needed.

A pinky nude lip.

Kevyn Aucoin concealer (the Sensual Skin Enhancer) to brighten under her eyes.

A soft brown eye shadow washing the lid and a touch of YSL eye liner pencil in black on the top eye line.

Lots of my favorite mascara, Laura Mercier Faux Lash and lots of my favorite bronzer from Lorac. Voila.

Once it's up on Vogue TV, I'll put it up here too!