Just Discovered! Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara

OK, maybe not “just.” I discovered it last summer but I'm only getting around to writing about it now. However, I can still help you just discover it! When it comes to eyes, lashes can make a big difference. Some like false strip eyelashes as they are so dramatic, but it's generally not my preference because they look so, well...false. If you want to wear falsies, try individual false lashes because they lengthen and thicken without looking fake. In case you’ve never tried (or even heard of) them, they are six or so wispy lashes you can glue on where you’d like. (Gluing anywhere near eyes might sound scary but it’s only a tiny bit of lash glue that secures the pieces.) They look amazing. And while I am perfectly happy putting them on others’, when it comes to my own makeup I get so BORED if anything takes more than a few minutes. False lashes are for more dedicated makeup wearers. Which, though I am a makeup artist, is ironically not me.

I can confidently tell you that Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara is the perfect alternative. While it is called “Faux Lash,” it makes lashes fuller and more dramatic without looking fake. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t clump like a lot of thickening mascaras. And it’s easier and faster to put on than individuals. 

When I first got it, I decided to test it against another popular “false-looking lash” mascara that had just launched. I roped someone in as my guinea pig and put Mascara 1 on one eye and Mascara 2 on the other. I asked her to look in the mirror and pick one. She immediately pointed to Faux Lash and said, “I want this one!  It was no scientific test, but soon after, she ran out and got one.

This is one of my best new(ish) discovery and a staple in my makeup kit because I use it on almost everyone. I often don't have a lot of time on shoots ("Are you ready yet?" my dear producer friend Chad often says), so I love that it doesn't take any time. If you're looking for a new mascara (or just new lashes!) try this is definitely one to try.

Long Lash Tip: To go even bigger you can  put individuals on and then Faux Lash on top!