Getting Reacquainted: Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer

Fluid Sheer 2It's not exactly a new product, but it's new-ish to me  (I think it's been around since Giorgio Armani Beauty launched). Someone gave me Fluid Sheer a couple years ago and I didn’t think much of it because I didn’t understand what it was. Was it a bronzer? A shimmer? A foundation? It stayed in my closet in its elegantly black Armani packaging.

Recently I became reacquainted with it. I still thought it might  look like your standard bronzer. Or maybe it’d look like a trendy shimmery foundation. Then someone showed me how to properly use it and I decided to give it a go. The next shoot I did was with a skin care company, and skin care companies – naturally - want everything to be healthy and glowing. It has to look good, but the makeup can’t be apparent because it’s all about skin.

For this model, I lightly applied it to her hairline and blended it on her cheekbones with blush. It made her skin glow in a way that a bronzer doesn’t. As Armani Beauty is all about glowing skin, Fluid Sheer is clearly its essence. Fluid Sheer Model

Maybe it won't make us look like this, but we all deserve to glow!

Fluid Sheer Glow Tip: As its name says, it is quite sheer so you can use more than you think without it looking like too much. Apply around hairline, right under or on cheekbones. Under cheekbones makes them more prominent; on cheekbones will highlight or brighten – it all depends on what you want and need. Blend with fingertips. Then watch yourself glow.

Skin Care Tips via 2-Year-Old Lucy

You know how a kid can make you see something in a different way? Or make you realize what you say and do and whether it matters or not?

When Lucy first learned to walk, she’d toddle into the bathroom and curiously watch me apply makeup each morning. When she learned to talk, she started saying, “My turn!” As her vocabulary expanded, “My turn!” became more specific:



“I Want That!” (“I Want That!” is a big one.)

So every morning when I apply moisturizer, Lucy gets some too. Not because a 2-year old needs a Clinique moisturizer. It’s partly to manage the situation and partly because she always resists my attempts to put sunscreen on her face. By applying a moisturizer with an SPF I can ensure she always has some protection to start the day. And now when we’re out, I say “Lotion!” so she will sit still long enough for me to properly apply sunscreen.

The Skin Care Tips

1. Avoid applying a face moisturizer to the eye area (or in her case, in the eyes). Use an eye cream because it’s made for the fragile skin around eyes and addresses other needs you may have, such as puffiness or dark circles.

2. Since hands need to be washed often, use a moisturizing hand soap. I love Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Soap. The writing on the bottle sounds a little crazy, but the product is really good. When a child uses it to wash, make sure hands are well rinsed because the peppermint can sting eyes that get rubbed with peppermint!  And keep a moisturizing hand sanitizer, such as Eve Echo’s, in your purse for when soap and water is not available and you’re out and about.

3. Don’t use a body or hand cream on your face. Lucy once saw me putting lotion on my legs. She asked for some and then proceeded to rub it on her face. How would she know? It all looks the same to her. But if you have any kind of skin concern – especially things such as breakout – moisturizer not made for the face can clog pores. Don't put it on your face, but I love The Body Shop's Mango Butter for the body.

4. Use a sunscreen every day. "It only takes one severe sunburn to potentially double your child's chances of getting melanoma later in life," says Andrea Cambio, MD, FAAD, a board-certified pediatric dermatologist.” Please read this detailed Wed MD article on the importance of sunscreen for children.

A big thank you to Lucy, for making me think more about the importance of proper skin care!